Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop {March 1, 2015}

Have to Do
I usually do my grocery shopping on Saturdays.  It helps make Sunday more relaxing when I just do yoga, cook and clean...instead of do yoga, cook, clean, and go shopping.  However, yesterday, I decided that I just couldn't fathom participating in adult life for one second and I skipped it.  I'm ok with that decision because I'm off tomorrow for a doctor's appointment and it'll give me a little more time to catch up!  I really enjoyed hanging out on my laptop all day and working away on some products that have needed my attention!  However, today, it's back to business!

I'll be the first to admit, grading is one of my least favorite things. I just like teach and be involved with the students.  I do find joy in grading though when I see students improve and show me something they didn't know beforehand.  I have a stack of informational essays that I need to score.  I love reading their writing because it gets very creative and interesting but the process of scoring 28 essays takes quite some time.  I need to have them done by Thursday.  

I couldn't go shopping last weekend because I've been battling with a knee injury so this weekend I really need to get out and start looking for some baby shower stuff for my sister.  I made a really cute graphic to frame for her ultrasound.  I hope she loves it.  She's doing her nursery in Superman.  Since I am like the queen of all things superhero, this was perfect for me to contribute to!  It's her first baby and I think she's getting pretty excited.  She's due in May.

Hope to Do
I really, really, really, reeeaaaalllllyyyyy want to rearrange my entire classroom and, of course, I'm not going to stop thinking about until I do it.  We have a grading day Friday and I have this dream in my mind that I'll have my grades done and be able to accomplish this on Friday.  I kept it in the hope category because, let's be honest, this is a feat that I can only HOPE to pull off!!

We're also going on a field trip on Wednesday!  Yes, we have quite the exciting week!  I hope to get some pictures there for the blog.  There should be plenty of volunteers so now I'm just hoping all goes smoothly with our attendance!  Yay for field trips!!

Happy to Do
I am so excited for it to be March!  We have three weeks until spring break and I am really looking forward to using some of that time to catch up on paperwork, home organization, and home improvements.  I'm also going to see my Mom and sisters in California to help throw my sister's baby shower.  I miss them so much and it's going to be so great to spend some time with them!  

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  1. Our spring break is close too! I can't wait! I hope you get to rearranging your room I know what you mean about it being on your mind. When I get something in my head I can't rest until it's done! Have fun grading! (yuck! LOL!)

  2. Our Sunday Scoops are similar - I have essays to grade too and I am counting down until Spring Break! :)

  3. I'm hoping you have a successful field trip too! Good luck with the essays!

  4. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to link up with great teachers.