Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Sunday Scoop - November 8, 2015

Have to Do:

My friend, Kristen, and I are starting a Whole 30 together tomorrow! That means that you'll find me in the grocery store and kitchen today getting ready. I am so excited for this because I majorly need to clean up my diet and kick this sugar habit that I've formed.

I reserved Move Your Bus by Ron Clark at the local library because it's the book of the month in Teach Happy Membership and Jess at The Whimsical Teacher is always raving about it! I need to pop into the library and get it today. Luckily, the library is across the street from my house. Literally, that's what I see when I walk outside.

I have so many blog posts that need to go up and I desperately need to get moving with my writing.

Hope to Do:

I purchased a new domain and Wordpress hosting yesterday because there is a super exciting and awesome secret in the works for my blog! However, I'm having trouble accessing my Wordpress admin so I need to get in touch with technical support and get help so that eventually I can get into Wordpress and get to designing my site!

I have such an extensive list of things that I want to post up on TpT right now and I've been so busy with my other engagements (getting a Wordpress site, starting my freelance business, etc.) that they have all been pushed aside. Perhaps today is the day that they go live!

Happy to Do:

I've been working hard on getting my freelance makeup artistry business live. I've started a partnership with The Knot and I've built a TEMPORARY website. The website is temporary because the change is part of the reason that I purchased a new domain with a Wordpress website. However, my current site is pretty cute and it will work for now. I'm still working on getting this up over at The Knot but you can check out the progress with my makeup artistry business at this site here!

SO-come join us and share your Sunday Scoop!


  1. A library right across the street? That would be so great! I listened to the audiobook of End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark and loved it. I think I may need to read his latest book as well. Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Good luck with Whole 30! I always see people posting about it on blogs and instagram!

    Years That Ask Questions

  3. Just finished Movery Your Bus this evening. It's a great read! Even my husband thought so, I read it out loud to him. Have you ever heard Ron speak? It is amazing!