Thursday, June 30, 2016

Have I Gone Mad? Why Am I Going to Whole 30 Again?

Alright, let me first remind you that I have been down this road before! Actually, I LOVED the Whole 30 when I first did it! I felt AMAZING. Are you aware of what it is?

If not, the Whole 30 is a guideline for eating that cuts out:
  • Foods without brakes (potato chips anyone)
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • All Sugars

Why? The premise is that these foods are making us feel badly and we aren't even aware of it. However, I will tell you that I am HIGHLY aware of it. Just check out the lethargy present in my recent Orangetheory workouts. You'll see what I mean.

The thought is that by eliminating these foods for 30 days, our bodies can heal and reset. Then, you reintroduce foods to find out what triggers you and how your body reacts. 

Easier said than done.

In my first endeavor with Whole 30, here's what I experienced:
  • Better sleep
  • No coffee dependence
  • Better energy during the day
  • Happier mood
  • No sugar cravings
I'm ready to try it out again. This time, in the summer so I'll have more time for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I am going to bring you updates, tips, recipes, etc.

Think of it as another layer of content. I mean, I did promise you some serious blog content this summer, right?

Want to join me? You'll definitely want to get this book! I'll be getting started on Tuesday. This is my first 4th of July at home since 2009 so I wanted to be able to enjoy the day! Afterward, it's GAME ON!

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