Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Freebie for the New Blog!

I want to share a freebie for my everyone visiting my new blog!!  I have been working through the EngageNY curriculum this year for both English Language Arts and Math.  It has been a very daunting task but I have really started to enjoy the curriculum.  Yes, started.  I was not a huge fan of it when I started the year.  Now, after winter break and with a few months under my belt, I've really been able to figure out the patterns, pacing, and underlying pedagogy in the curriculum.  I can appreciate the direction and work with it a lot easier now!

I love creating PowerPoint presentations for the 5th grade ELA curriculum to help me stay on track with my pacing and lesson objectives.  Without them, I find that I forget half of what I'm supposed to be teaching during the lesson (I mean really...have you read one of those lessons?!).  Here's a freebie of a PowerPoint that I created for EngageNY 5th Grade Module 2B, Unit 1, Lesson 1.  I have the full module up on my Teacher's Pay Teachers store!

Click here for the freebie.

Click here to view the full module on my store.

I hope you enjoy this lesson!


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