Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Inferences in 5th Grade

This morning, I made up a quick anchor chart for making inferences.  Usually, I look all through Pinterest, search hashtags, etc. for the best anchor chart to fit my needs and then I adapt it for my teaching needs.  Today, I just went with the info that I had and put it all into a chart.  I'm not so thrilled with this chart.  In fact, I think that I want to type up some inference posters that are nicer, or make two charts.  One chart would include the definitions and the other chart would include steps for making an inference with examples of good inferences that we've made throughout the unit in class for reference.  Maybe that should be three charts?  Sometimes I just feel like we're on chart overload!

Anyway, here's the chart that resulted.  It's so hard to teach inferences!  What're your best tricks for teaching inferences?  I'd love to hear what everyone does with this complex task!


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