Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Themed Products to Save Your Sanity

Getting your class on task....and quite the obstacle when the holiday are near! No matter when your winter break begins, I think we can all agree that everyone gets a little bit of the  "short-timer" syndrome right beforehand. Don't worry...I have your back!

I wanted some new, fun activities for my class right before break so I created some new holiday packs. I have a new math and ELA set in my store to accompany my previously created freebies. 

My students have loved these products during the crazy winter holiday season! The ELA pack includes a word search, a color-by-syllable, grammar and quotations practice, etc. The math set has practice with ordering decimals, decimal long-division, color by product, equivalent fraction practice, etc.

I've been so happy with this too because all I have to do is run some copies and go! The answer key is there and everything. 

The screen shots below show some of the fun pages included in these sets!

I hope these help you take some of the stress off and enjoy hanging out with your kids a little bit more.

Find them in my store by clicking the cover images below. 




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