Saturday, January 28, 2017

February Fun & A Free Word Search

Hey there friends!

I'm so excited about the fact that it's almost February. February is one of my favorite times during the school year for a few reasons.

1) Valentine's Day is such a fun school holiday. I love doing themed ELA & Math projects throughout the day. We have investigations, learn about candy and create fraction monsters. It's a blast.
2) February leads us into the fun things that come later on like our Right Brain art initiative (I can't wait to make our mural this year) and our architect residency (where we'll learn all about sustainability and design buildings for the future.
3) My LuLaRoe business starts to transition into spring sales and I get to order tons more skirts and dresses. Goodbye leggings and warm fuzzy clothing....eventually. ;)
4) State testing hasn't started and the atmosphere is still light and fun. I wish it could stay that way forever.

As soon as my mind starting focusing on February, I remembered some fun freebies that I have in my store. I wanted to share them with you because I thought that you might love all the holiday fun just as much as I do.

Here's what you can find in my store for free:

Factor practice! For me, Valentine's Day means we're in the thick of our fraction units. I still want my students to practice their fraction skills while they're having fun. I put together some heart-themed pages that get students thinking about factors and multiples in relationship to fractions. No prep, ready to go, easy to use!


Valentine's Day notes for students and staff. These notes have free homework passes for students and a thank you note for staff members. I like to spread the love on Valentine's Day and let members of my staff know how much I appreciate them. Plus, a free homework pass goes a lot further than candy. It's free and the students totally appreciate it.

Lastly, a blog-reader's freebie! This one isn't available in my store. It's only here for people who read my blog. I put together a quick (but cute) Valentine's Day word search. I love word searches and so do my students. This can be done during the madness called "passing out Valentine's", during morning work, etc. Ready to go, no prep. Print in color or black and white.

I hope these free resources help bring a little fun into your hectic schedule. Now, let me know in the comments what your favorite thing to do is during the month of February!



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