Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A quick, differentiated homework solution!

Homework always seems to be a hot topic among educators. Whether you love it or hate it, some teachers are required to administer homework. Some parents just want homework. Heck, some kids even beg for homework!

Something I noticed is that the further I got into the school year, the more I dreaded putting together homework. PLUS, I always hated how many pages of copies those homework packets required. I desperately wanted a way to save the trees, save my time, and save my sanity while providing consistent homework for my students and their families.

This is how my homework choice board bundle was created! 

5th grade homework

I haven't created a full year of boards quite yet but they are IN PROGRESS and the price will go up as soon as it is complete! We do a few different projects throughout the year (science fair projects, JA BizTown, etc) that shortened my personal choice board creating requirements so I am working on adding in the final choice boards to make this a complete set!

My students LOVED this homework last year! All boards have been tried out by fifth graders and are student and parent approved. The boards contain a healthy mix of activities for all student preferences and learning levels. 

5th grade homework

Currently, the Homework Choice Boards contain questions pertaining to:
-Visualizing while Reading
-Writing with Colorful Language
-Narrative Writing
-Opinion Writing
-Persuasive Writing
-Multiplying by Powers of 10
-Adding Fractions
-Subtracting Fractions
-Native American Cultural Regions
-Early Explorers
-States of Matter
-Forces and Motion

5th grade homework

Some ideas for implementation:
  1. Suggest that parents get to pick one square and the student picks the rest. This will help with students avoiding their areas of need.
  2. Preselect the one required square yourself for students. This can be done on a student-by-student basis or all students can have the same requirement.
  3. Have students use their own paper at home to decrease paper usage at school.
  4. Have students type their work, scan images, etc. and submit their work digitally. 

5th grade homework

These choice boards totally saved my sanity last year and I hope they are also helpful for you as you embark on a new school year! Please feel free to leave feedback on the product below or ask me any questions!



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