Saturday, May 2, 2015

Currently - May 2015

I am definitely awake wayyyy too early in order to have time to do this month's currently before my meetings start! I live on the west coast but I'm visiting NYC today for directors' meetings for the summer camp that I work at. That means that it's actually 4:49 am in my home time right and I've been up for about an hour and half already. Happy Saturday!!

I have ben obsessing over this album by Broods. You should check them out on Spotify. I can't turn it off.

I am totally loving that I have recently set some new health/fitness goals for myself with the help of one of my friends. Let's be real, I need them. It hasn't been a secret that I have really struggled to stay in touch with myself and my own goals this year and I am really hoping that this helps me get back to feeling like myself!!

Of course, I'm thinking about summer camp because I'm in New York with the whole entire summer camp crew. There's a lot of us. We talk all about our plans for this summer. It's an exciting time!

All of the above leads me to saying that all I really want in life right now is consistency. I want to see myself working out consistently. I want consistent healthy eating choices. I want consistency in my teaching next year. And I don't want to lose it all in the incredibly inconsistent day-to-day of my summer camp job.

My only need right now is some serious sleep. I've struggled with insomnia for 8 years and I'm on a really bad streak right now. I'm sure traveling doesn't help!  So tired.  YAWN!!

I feel like my summer list isn't that exciting! I'm definitely going on a little vacation to Greece. I'll be working for my 5th summer in London (6th year with the company) and then when I get home, I just want to handle my own life. I want to clear the junk out of my closets and explode my TpT with products for the new year!!!

As always, thanks to the amazing Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for putting this linkup together!


  1. I feel ya on the insomnia, having a baby last year really threw off my sleep routine, and I just can't seem to get back on track. My brain never shuts off, and when it finally does, my little stinker wakes up, ugh!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

    1. Well, I don't have a baby but I definitely suffer from the endless brain running. If I wake up, I'm staying up!!

  2. If your summer list isn't that exciting, then mine is a total snore! I've been to Canada and Mexico, and that's it. To be traveling to London and Greece would be a dream.

    I hear you on the consistency piece. We had a late night last week for an arts festival and it screwed up my whole week…my gym routine wasn't right, I ate a lot of fast food, ew, yuck. I need to get back on track this week for sure!

    I'm hoping you'll have some time to enjoy your time in NYC. Is that where your camp is actually held? NY is home for me and I miss it dearly!

    Mrs O Knows

    1. My camp is held in London. The company has meetings for its administrative staff in New York though. ;)

      Hopefully we both get some consistency in this month!!

  3. I don't know... London and Greece sound pretty exciting to me!! Hope you have a blast and a great end to your school year!
    Smocus Smocus

  4. Congrats on your summer travel! I would love to go back to Europe for a vacation-unfortunately it's not in the cards right now. Good luck with the closet clean out as well!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  5. I love your blog design! I will be roadtripping to Oregon from SoCal this July. My dad lives in Salem. You sound like you have quite an amazing summer planned! Greece! #swoon I hope you get some zzz's!