Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Sunday Scoop - May 17, 2015

Well, here we are! It's another Sunday and I have yet another Sunday Scoop linky for you!! My scoops are changing dramatically as the school year winds down! 

Have to Do
I am so excited because I started a new meal plan last weekend and I lost 5 pounds last week! That has pushed me into this week with some incredible motivation to keep it up! In order to do so, I have to cook up all this yummy stuff that I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday. I can't survive without meal prep. Any time that I have ever lost weight, I've always had a carefully prepped meal plan for the week. If I don't have something ready to eat at all times, I'm likely to just walk across the street to all the restaurants! Seriously! So, yes, this week...I'm trying to keep it on track! I do have to put on a bathing suit in Greece soon, you know!! Want to follow my workout/weightloss journey? Follow me on Instagram and checkout my personal blog!!

I am actually obsessed with my car. I washed the outside of it already and now I need to dig in and clean up the inside! I feel so good when I'm rolling around in my clean and shiny little Mini.

Along with the end of the school year for my 5h graders comes the end of yet another term at the community college that I teach at. I've taught courses at the local community college for 4 years. I teach them as a hybrid format right now so I can continue to teach full-time and still maintain my employment with the college. I have TONS of grading to do at the end of the term!!

Hope to Do
Let's be honest...sometimes folding laundry needs to be put on the "hope to do" list. There are other things that your soul needs above folded reading an amazing book that lights a fire in your soul!!

I've been reading SuperLife by Darin Olien and it is AMAZING! This book speaks to me! I feel like the author understands me and everything that I've been trying to explain to those around me. I love the no-nonsense approach to all things health and vitality! I'm doing a review of it on my personal blog by posting excerpts and my thoughts on everything! I'm going to have a weekly post up for it. I haven't set a day of the week yet but perhaps Tuesdays and Thursday once I start. I'm going to get some posts scheduled next week.  Speaking of, I should look into doing the same thing here for teaching books or children's literature. What do you think?

21 Day Fix

Happy to Do
I am really on a reading binge right now. Since it's the end of the school year, I've been able to use my Audible credits for the past two months on grown up books rather than read alouds for my class! Can you imagine that?! Reading adult literature?! 

I am in love with Audible because the narration keeps my read alouds super engaging for my class but I can also listen to books that I enjoy while I'm showering, cleaning, doing my makeup/hair in the morning, etc. I can't get enough. Next up on my reading/listening list is Gone Girl. I haven't seen the movie so please don't give me any spoilers!!

Want to try out Audible? There's a 30 day free trial from the link below but I promise it's totally worth it to sign up!


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