Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Scoop - May 1

Have to Do

Well, my first order of business on Sunday is to fly home from New York. It's a long journey from Oregon! I work for a summer camp called Discovery Internships and their office is based out of Roslyn, New York. I fly out twice a year to attend directors' meetings. They're always on the weekend. It makes for quite the long weekend. I'm looking forward to being back at home Sunday afternoon. Then, I'll fly out again on June 22 for summer camp!

Once I'm home, I'll need to take care of all of the stuff that I didn't get to do over the weekend since I was gone. I'll need to get groceries so I can be prepared for the week and see what came in the mail. I actually love checking the mail. Plus, I'm waiting for two very special things in my mailbox! I signed up as a Beachbody Coach last week and I should be getting my Shakeology, PiYo workouts and 21 Day Fix packages in either Saturday or Monday. 

Hope to Do

My TpT store has really not seen enough love lately. I uploaded some freebies a week or two ago but I haven't uploaded new paid products since spring break. I've been exhausted. I hope to spend my flight home from New York creating some great TpT products and getting them uploaded. I mean...what else am I going to do for 4 hours while I'm flying?

I'm also still working super hard on selling off nearly everything in my wardrobe! I really want to get that beautiful capsule wardrobe feel and simplify my life in all aspects. I hope that I can get some stuff sold on Mercari this week. I've been doing really well with selling on that app!

Happy to Do

After this weekend's journey, I'm just going to be happy to sleep. The travel schedule rough because I still function on PST but I have to be in meetings on Eastern Time. That means that I'm at a meeting at what equals 5 am my time on a Saturday...after flying out and then I spend the entire day in meetings and get up at 4 (so 1 am my time) to head back to the airport. My bed is going to be a very wonderful place!!

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  1. My TPT store has been sadly neglected! I've created things to use in my classroom, but nothing for my store. Summer break is going to be very busy! Rest well! I hope you have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Wow! You must be exhausted! My TpT store and blog have been neglected lately too. I think that all of us as teachers are swamped at the end of the year. At least we can all sympathize with one another! I hope you can get plenty of rest tonight!