Monday, August 17, 2015

London's Best Food...Poppie's Fish and Chips!

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If you're looking for the best fish and chips in London then you'll definitely want to head to Poppies Fish and Chips! 

There are two locations, one is in Spitalfields and one is in Camden. I've been to both and I absolutely love this restaurant!

Most recently I visited for lunch with my friend Laura from Year2tastic. We both had the same order, cod and chips with ginger beer. I highly recommend this option if you're eating there.  You can eat in or get it for takeaway.

When you order for takeaway, you'll get it wrapped up in newsprint like the photo above. Everything about this place is vintage and adorable! 

What's your favorite place to eat in London? What's your favorite place to eat in your home city?

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  1. We've been to London a few times but never ate in Poppies. Would need to try it out on our next visit! The Golden Hind ( is a very good fish-and-chips place as well. On our recent trip, Chinese food from Pearl Liang ( ranked high on our list!

    Fluttering through the Seasons