Monday, August 10, 2015

Teacher Beauty Haul...MAC's PatentPolish!

M•A•C patentpolish
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Let me be honest about one thing...I am obsessed with the M•A•C PatentPolish line. I can't get enough of it.

About a year ago (or more), these were launched in a limited release. I came in and snatched up one in nearly every single color. Then, they were released again in the M•A•C X Osbournes collection.

M•A•C patentpolish

M•A•C patentpolish

I bought all of those too.

I use them constantly. My desk drawer is full of them. I always have on in my purse. I have them in my makeup collection at home. They're a staple item for me.

M•A•C announced that they were going to release these again as part of their permanent collection in July and I was itching with anticipation. After all, I had already run out of my most favorite colors long ago. Recycling those containers was painful because I knew that I couldn't have it anymore.

Then...July finally came and the permanent collection was released. My experience with M•A•C have shown me that when good stuff comes out, even if it's permanent, it sells out and then you can't get it again for months until they've restocked. I couldn't take that risk.

On release day, I snagged all of these. Yes...8 of them. They're everything I love and in a brand new broad range of colors! I'm so totally in heaven right now!!

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  1. I love MAC. When I got married I got to get all NEW mac and I was over the moon as they added each piece into my bag. Of course I don't look anything like I did the night they worked on my face in the store. I just can't recreate like the MAC artists can. When I was younger I actually lived with two MAC artists. They used to practice on me all the time. lol
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'