Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently September!

 Currently September

I am still catching up on all of the shows that I missed while I was gone for the summer. I am thankful for my DVR right now. I've been catching up on all kinds of stuff...Mr. Robot, Bring It, Unreal, Candidly Nicole...the list goes on. What can I say, I like to relax at night with some mindless TV. It's my way to decompress. That, and yoga.

I am honestly SO excited for the new school year. I wrote out notes to all of my new students today. With 35 students in my class, it took about two hours and my hand was super tired. It was worth it. I love all of the possibility that a new school year brings and I can't wait to get things going with my new students.

I think that I am about to break down and invest in some serious Erin Condren swag. I'm talking about a planner, a notebook, notepads, the works. Haha. I want it all.

I want for my classroom set up to be done. Really. I need to get down on some instructional planning. Can't the name tags tape themselves down? No??

I need to consider some serious life decisions right now. First, my boyfriend and I are really considering going into foster care and getting a foster kid this spring. Talk about a MAJOR life change. Also, I need to decide if I want to continue to pursue the degree program that I'm in. I've been in a teacher leadership program focused on social justice but maybe I'd rather do a program for administration. I feel like I can't go any further until I know where I want to focus my attention.

3 Goals:
  1. I have a serious plan to pay off the rest of my debt (not including my student loans--that's another story entirely) by the end of the year. That does include my car. I've been trying to keep my finances tight and it's HARD.
  2. I am hoping to add 5 products a month onto my TpT store. That's an ambitious goal but I think it can definitely be handled. That's just over one per week. That would be a lot for me but I set my goals high!
  3. Purging...all of my stuff. The process continues. I hate clutter but I love shopping. That means that I have a stream of things to get rid of. I want to clean out the storage and my guest closet. I want it totally empty so that if we get a foster kid, there will be a nice clean closet in the room for him/her.
So....that's about it for me currently. What about you?? Come link up at Oh Boy 4th Grade!


  1. Wow-35 kids-that's so many! Good luck with them and have fun setting up your room! Have a great school year!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. That Mr. Robot is one crazy show! Uh, 35 students is a lot. Wow, what a wonderful thing to do ... taking on a foster child. Good luck.The Techie Playground

  3. I've been here before! Great blog and I love your profile pic!!
    I decluttered my whole classroom this summer. It was crazy!
    Good luck on fostering!
    The Whimsical Teacher

  4. I enjoyed reading your post! Boy, that is a lot of kids that you have. It reminds me of my earlier teaching days! I am also thinking about purchasing some Erin Condren swag! I am hoping it will help me be more organized! This is one of my goals- organization!
    Have a great year!!!