Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Scoop - September 27, 2015

Have to Do:

As I noted previously, my boyfriend and I are in the process of becoming foster parents. It's a huge undertaking. The paperwork alone is astronomical. We've been filling out paperwork for days. Then, we have to attend 8 training classes, have interviews with case workers, get a home inspection and then get fingerprinted!

My transfer from Washington State University to Concordia is finally official! I was notified of my acceptance into their Ed.D. program on Friday. I'm working on finalizing the rest of the registration process (including tuition reimbursement stuff with the school district) and getting everything set for my start date of October 25th!

My student teacher is beginning to take over a lot of responsibilities this week. I'm phasing her into my language arts instruction and we're doing some planning around prepping her to teach that. Also, she's taking over some art teaching and she's prepping a unit with 10 lessons that she has to put together for her university.

Hope to Do

I have a huge post in progress about the Journey's curriculum! I'm covering my entire experience adopting it this far and noting my must-have features! I can't wait to get this running. I also have an awesome post planned for the next Bright Ideas Blog Hop!! I'm really excited about this upcoming content!!

I went out for a heathy grocery shop last night and I am meal prepping today. I'm hoping to be consistent with it this week and get things back on track!

Happy to Do

I restarted my gym membership yesterday! I always put it on hold over the summer when I work out of the country and I just reinstated it. I had a nice gym session yesterday and it felt so good! Actually, the blog posts mentioned above were thought of while in the sauna at the gym. The gym is just so good for the brain!!


  1. That is awesome that you are going to be a foster parent! Wishing you much patience during the process.

  2. I love working out too! It helps me release the stress of the day. Zumba is my workout of choice. Enjoy your new gym membership & have a great week!

    1. It definitely does! I think that I love sitting in the sauna at the end the most.