Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Global Glitter Tribe December Linky!

Welcome to the Global Glitter Tribe Linky for December!

I'm beyond pleased to link up with the Global Glitter Tribe for their December linkup! 

In case you didn't know, I am one of the founders of the tribe, along with Laura from Year2tastic. We're so passionate about uniting teachers on a global scale that we created a blog and international group of admins to support everyone in developing a global mindset!

Let's get to the good stuff!!

Staple Recipe:
Years ago, my mom gifted me with a cookbook of family recipes. It's handmade and so special to me. In it, she included her homemade apple pie recipe for the holidays. Let's just say that I've become well-known for my pie making skills. People are always asking me to bring pies to the holiday gatherings!

Holiday Read Aloud Favorite:
The Polar Express is just a classic though! Isn't it? 

Integrated Technology:
I've integrated something new into my classroom recently called Plickers. I learned about this from another tribe member named Ashley. She blogs over at Ms. Idealistic and she's a phenomenal Canadian addition to our group! Plickers remind me of Kahoot but take away the need for every student to have a device. This makes it more practical for ALL classrooms but also decreases the time that it takes to get your quiz setup. They're great for assessments and adding some extra engagement to lessons.  My 5th graders love them and I highly recommend giving them a go!

New Find:
I'm always searching for ways to make my meal prep simpler. I thrive on simple, whole foods and prefer to follow a paleo or Whole 30 approach to eating. Needless to say, it can get quite monotonous. I need to mix it up to keep myself engaged in the healthy lifestyle. I recently tested out Sun Basket after I received a 50% off offer from them! I am thoroughly impressed!

Sun Basket offers farm fresh produce and is based out of California. Each week, you can pick from a selection of 6 or so meal options. You need to select your meals by Thursday at noon and your box arrives on Wednesday. In the box, you'll receive proportioned ingredients and recipe cards to create all of the meals.

The directions are super clear and easy to follow and the foods are clean and exceptionally healthy! This might be something that I stick with for quite a while. 

Want to try it out? Get 3 Meals Free from Sun Basket! 

Engaging Books:
Looking for a very interesting story that will also challenge your 5th grade readers? We're reading Hound Dog True right now. The text seemed quite simple to me but my group is actually struggling with it a little. This is great for my group of high readers who usually breeze through things. The story is adorable!

Here's a summary from Story Snoops:
Mattie Breen keeps a notebook of "Custodial Wisdom" filled with observations about the work her Uncle Potluck does at Mitchell P. Anderson Elementary School. Advice such as, "do not let a mop sit overnight in water," and "fix things before they get too big for fixing" is all noted in Maddie's book. You see, she only has one week to convince her uncle to take her on as his custodial apprentice. In one week, she starts fifth grade at this new school and she will have be the new girl again. But if she works for her uncle, she'll be safe and won't have eat her lunches by herself or feel lonely at recess. She'll be helping her uncle. It is the perfect plan--until her plan doesn't quite work out the way she expected it to. It is then that she discovers that one small act of courage can lead to a friend who is hound dog true.

Snow Day Plans:
I don't know if we're ever going to get snow here. It feels like we're just going to get rained on for the rest of our lives right now! Either way, my plans for winter break include TpT and cleaning. I have so  much stuff on my mind for my TpT store and soon-to-be YouTube channel! I am incredibly excited about all of it! Aside from that, I really need to get things organized around the house. I spend most of the summer away so I really have to get this work done during winter break!

Well, that was quite the post! Thanks for joining me! Please leave a comment below and come link up with as well! It's super easy to do and so much fun to use to reflect on what you're doing!


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