Monday, May 30, 2016

#2forTuesday on TpT

As promised I am really committing myself to spending more time on my TpT store and blog for the summer! Even though I am not on summer break YET, it's never too early to start some good habits, right? 

Today, I'm linking up with some other sellers who are going to run a 2 for Tuesday sale all summer long! Each Tuesday, we will mark down two of our products and feature them in our stores and (sometimes) on our blogs. You'll be able to find them by searching #2forTuesday on TpT!

I thought that this would be the perfect time to highlight the product that I blogged about the other printable interactive flip book for the solar system! Alongside that, I am highlighting a very similar product on the states of matter! 

Both products are super fun for the end of the year but can also transition well into the next school year as you teach about both of these concepts. They present numerous possibilities for keeping track of learning in the moment as well as wrap up and reviews.

Want to snag both of these products for half off? Today only, you have the chance! Don't miss out! Click the images below to be taken to the listings in my store!


Along with checking out the linkup below, you can also find these products and other great deals by searching #2forTuesday in the TpT search bar!!


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