Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Working Toward My LuLaRoe Launch!

I have talked to so many people who are totally interested in everything that I have going on as I prepare to launch my LuLaRoe business! I have been so incredibly busy preparing for my launch at the end of June!

I am actually so thankful for the LuLaRoe queue because it has given me tons of time to watch videos, read information posted in groups, set up organizational systems and redo my house to make room for all of the goodies! Here's a quick check in of what I've been doing lately.


One major have some time to shop sales and wait things out for the best price. I need to pick up some clothing racks, some large bags from IKEA to haul clothing, a dress form to display my clothes, business cards, thank you cards, care cards, hangers, etc. I've been fortunate to shop around for the best prices without being rushed.


I've spent hours and hours and hours shopping for new organizational systems and setting things up in my place. Let's be honest. My guest room needed a super, super major overhaul and this has been the perfect motivator to GET IT DONE! I don't even want to admit the number of things that have gone to Goodwill, the recycling bin and the garbage. I'm feeling much lighter now with all of the junk being cleared out.

Social Media

I've been working on getting all my accounts up and running. I've set up a Facebook Like Page, a private Facebook group, my Instagram and Twitter all ready to go! I've been creating promo graphics on Canva and sorting all through the back office for the lovely images that'll help me as I get started.

Business Supplies

I have sorted out all of the custom supplies that I need. I actually went with a custom producer rather than the typical LuLaRoe cards. I'm so excited about them. Is it just me or are the LuLaRoe colors THE BEST?! I just get all the good vibes from them.

Come to Terms with the Investment

Now, most importantly...I've come to terms with the investment that I'm making. I've fully moved forward from an apprehensive mindset to excitement and possibility. If you're interested in starting LuLaRoe and want to chat with me about the investment, please contact me here or on one of my social profiles above. I'd be happy to connect with you. I was so scared of the investment for a while but I've really found my grounding in understanding that while there is risk in investing my money the risk is just SO incredibly low. I am not nervous about it at all anymore. I can't wait to see where things are with this business at this time next year!

So...that's where I am currently. There's just tons more to do before I launch in June (2016) and I am loving the process of getting myself and my business ready for the ride!


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