Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fun, Independent Science Review Activities + A Freebie!

It's definitely that time of the year. I'm ready to see my students put their learning to use with less teacher guidance. Are you with me on that? I love using interactive flip books at the end of the year. Students should be able to draw upon their previous learning and complete these booklets with peer support. 

However, these are also great activities to complement direct instruction or as assignments to show what they've learned during your instruction.

One of my favorite topics to teach about is the solar system. I've created a fun printable and digital interactive flip book that reviews the concepts related to the solar system. This is the print version which is fully interactive. The students cut, paste, assemble...everything. The digital version requires ZERO paper waste, cutting or pasting and is just as fun!

The students are guided through the activities in this booklet via instructions listed on the section of the page that gets cut off. The best part is...the students do the cutting! You won't need to stand at the paper cutter for hours prepping these booklets. 

Once the students cut off the bottom parts of the pages, they can get to work sorting, glueing or answering questions.

There's even a place for them to keep track of their learning throughout the booklet if you're using this as an introductory activity to the solar system. Even if it's used as a review activity, the students will still be able to write what they learned while they were studying the solar system.

Once the final project is cut, assembled and colored, it looks gorgeous! This would be a great activity to send home to parents or display in the halls. 

Want to pick up the printable version? Click the image below.

(I've been working on updating all my covers to realistic images. Isn't this cover beautiful??)

Want to pick up the Google Drive digital version? Click the image below!

Want another product that students can use related to the solar system? Check out this solar system word search freebie!


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