Saturday, April 4, 2015

All About Schedules

I saw this linkup about schedules and knew that I needed to get connected on it! I think about my schedule A LOT! I mean...A LOT!  I always want to know how other people do their schedule, how I can improve it, if I can revamp anything that's ineffective and on and on and on.

I hope that you love this linky as much as I do and that you come join us!  I'd love to read about as many schedules as possible!

Here's my schedule!!

8:35-9:25 Language Arts

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult part of my day.  I do not have enough time teach language arts.  My ELA block is split into two parts and this first chunk also includes the time it takes from the bell ringing until class begins and the transition time to our special.  Ouch.  I usually have some morning work up on the projector when they come in and I get class started pretty quickly to get as much language arts in as possible.  We're using EngageNY ELA this year so the lessons are really long and hard to fit in!  


We have our specials here.  They have music or PE, computer lab, and library.  


We're reading Wonder right now for read aloud and it's super interesting.  I love it.  I always use Audible because I hate actually reading aloud.  I think it's better because there are voices and music to the story too! The kids can color or draw during the story but they do get quizzed on the read aloud so I can ensure that they're staying focused.


This is my Daily 5 time.  I have students out for ELD and SpEd. I also have students go to Read Naturally for an intervention. All the 5th grade teachers rotate students so we can create groups that suit their needs. The students that aren't in a reading group work independently on silent reading or writing.


This is the little section of time that we spend finishing our language arts lesson from the morning.  It's an awkward transitional time for us but we make it work. Lately, we've been using this time to do a spiral review of math topics before state testing.  It has fit into this 20 minute chunk perfectly.


We have a second set of reading intervention groups here.  I love this part of the day.  All of the teachers rotate students again. We also have students in Title 1 for reading support at this time.  Some students also go to help first graders as buddies during this time or read or write independently.


Students have lunch and lunch recess at this time.


Another favorite part of my day is our technology period.  We all have a full computer lab (5th grade) and we do tons of technology-integrated projects at this time.  The students love it and they're on their very best behavior during this period!


This is when I teach whole group math.  We use EngageNY math this year and the lesson really is this long!  The students are used to it and they hang in there.  I usually let them do a short brain break in between!


We have a second recess here!  How lucky are we?!


We have time for math intervention groups here.  The students either work independently on their math practice from the lesson or meet with a teacher for support.


After practice and intervention groups, I review the math practice with the class.  The students come up and solve the problems in front of the class. I pull their name on sticks so they have to be ready to answer any question.  They love being picked and coming to show their work.


During this time, a lot goes on!  The students complete their exit ticket for math, do their planners, pack up and do their classroom jobs!  It's busy!!


  1. Hey! Thanks for linking up with us Myranda! I am so envious of your 2 recess sessions! :)
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

    1. Thanks for checking out my post!! It is very special that we have 2 recess sessions! I don't know anyone else in my area who does.

  2. When do you teach Science and Social Studies?

    1. We teach it only as we integrate it into ELA.