Monday, May 30, 2016

#2forTuesday on TpT

As promised I am really committing myself to spending more time on my TpT store and blog for the summer! Even though I am not on summer break YET, it's never too early to start some good habits, right? 

Today, I'm linking up with some other sellers who are going to run a 2 for Tuesday sale all summer long! Each Tuesday, we will mark down two of our products and feature them in our stores and (sometimes) on our blogs. You'll be able to find them by searching #2forTuesday on TpT!

I thought that this would be the perfect time to highlight the product that I blogged about the other printable interactive flip book for the solar system! Alongside that, I am highlighting a very similar product on the states of matter! 

Both products are super fun for the end of the year but can also transition well into the next school year as you teach about both of these concepts. They present numerous possibilities for keeping track of learning in the moment as well as wrap up and reviews.

Want to snag both of these products for half off? Today only, you have the chance! Don't miss out! Click the images below to be taken to the listings in my store!


Along with checking out the linkup below, you can also find these products and other great deals by searching #2forTuesday in the TpT search bar!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fun, Independent Science Review Activities + A Freebie!

It's definitely that time of the year. I'm ready to see my students put their learning to use with less teacher guidance. Are you with me on that? I love using interactive flip books at the end of the year. Students should be able to draw upon their previous learning and complete these booklets with peer support. 

However, these are also great activities to complement direct instruction or as assignments to show what they've learned during your instruction.

One of my favorite topics to teach about is the solar system. I've created a fun printable and digital interactive flip book that reviews the concepts related to the solar system. This is the print version which is fully interactive. The students cut, paste, assemble...everything. The digital version requires ZERO paper waste, cutting or pasting and is just as fun!

The students are guided through the activities in this booklet via instructions listed on the section of the page that gets cut off. The best part is...the students do the cutting! You won't need to stand at the paper cutter for hours prepping these booklets. 

Once the students cut off the bottom parts of the pages, they can get to work sorting, glueing or answering questions.

There's even a place for them to keep track of their learning throughout the booklet if you're using this as an introductory activity to the solar system. Even if it's used as a review activity, the students will still be able to write what they learned while they were studying the solar system.

Once the final project is cut, assembled and colored, it looks gorgeous! This would be a great activity to send home to parents or display in the halls. 

Want to pick up the printable version? Click the image below.

(I've been working on updating all my covers to realistic images. Isn't this cover beautiful??)

Want to pick up the Google Drive digital version? Click the image below!

Want another product that students can use related to the solar system? Check out this solar system word search freebie!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Working Toward My LuLaRoe Launch!

I have talked to so many people who are totally interested in everything that I have going on as I prepare to launch my LuLaRoe business! I have been so incredibly busy preparing for my launch at the end of June!

I am actually so thankful for the LuLaRoe queue because it has given me tons of time to watch videos, read information posted in groups, set up organizational systems and redo my house to make room for all of the goodies! Here's a quick check in of what I've been doing lately.


One major have some time to shop sales and wait things out for the best price. I need to pick up some clothing racks, some large bags from IKEA to haul clothing, a dress form to display my clothes, business cards, thank you cards, care cards, hangers, etc. I've been fortunate to shop around for the best prices without being rushed.


I've spent hours and hours and hours shopping for new organizational systems and setting things up in my place. Let's be honest. My guest room needed a super, super major overhaul and this has been the perfect motivator to GET IT DONE! I don't even want to admit the number of things that have gone to Goodwill, the recycling bin and the garbage. I'm feeling much lighter now with all of the junk being cleared out.

Social Media

I've been working on getting all my accounts up and running. I've set up a Facebook Like Page, a private Facebook group, my Instagram and Twitter all ready to go! I've been creating promo graphics on Canva and sorting all through the back office for the lovely images that'll help me as I get started.

Business Supplies

I have sorted out all of the custom supplies that I need. I actually went with a custom producer rather than the typical LuLaRoe cards. I'm so excited about them. Is it just me or are the LuLaRoe colors THE BEST?! I just get all the good vibes from them.

Come to Terms with the Investment

Now, most importantly...I've come to terms with the investment that I'm making. I've fully moved forward from an apprehensive mindset to excitement and possibility. If you're interested in starting LuLaRoe and want to chat with me about the investment, please contact me here or on one of my social profiles above. I'd be happy to connect with you. I was so scared of the investment for a while but I've really found my grounding in understanding that while there is risk in investing my money the risk is just SO incredibly low. I am not nervous about it at all anymore. I can't wait to see where things are with this business at this time next year!

So...that's where I am currently. There's just tons more to do before I launch in June (2016) and I am loving the process of getting myself and my business ready for the ride!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Business Adventures & My Commitment for Summer

Something happens in 5th grade after spring break. It's like we go on vacation and then when we return, nothing is the same. The kids seemingly grow up during that week and they're less interested in all you're bringing to the table after that point. 

Maybe it's the looming state testing. Being in the process of state testing. Being over everything by the time they're done with testing. Who knows. The anxiety about transitioning to middle school? Does anyone have the answer?

I find it extremely hard to keep up with my store and blogging duties during this time of the year. From field day, to jog-a-thon, to promotion planning, the list never seems to end. So, this summer, I'm committed to scheduling out some super high-quality posts for you! I'm going to be working on getting great action shots of my products in use PLUS I am going to be working on providing exclude freebies that align with my blog content. I really want to take this blog to the next level for you and be more like the upper elementary bloggers that I deeply admire and always trust for advice and solid ideas. 

Along with that, I'm starting a new business this summer! You've heard me talk about it before when I fell in love.'s LuLaRoe. I've been head over heels for LuLaRoe since I first got my hands on those Valentine's leggings! I've purchased 4 more dresses and two more pairs of leggings and I they're all incredible. I also got my niece two dresses for her 2nd birthday.

 I decided to go full force with this and become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. Now..this is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill direct sales situation here. No. This is a full-fledged fashion business that you operate from your home, or on the go. I plan to do a lot of online sales. I actually will own hundreds of pieces of inventory and I get to buy more inventory as needed. I have always loved fashion. I was an awesome merchandiser when I worked at The Children's Place in college and I love putting together outfits and getting dressed up.

I have been in the queue since March 28th and I am going to fully launching my line at the end of June. It seems so far away but the time is flying by and I know that I'm going to have all those LuLaRoe boxes at my doorstep in no time!  I've been so busy cleaning out all the clutter from my house to make room for my business. 

I've already set up my Facebook pages so you can keep up with all my launch news! I'll be hosting giveaways so you DON'T want to miss it!

What summer commitments have you made? Have you started summer break yet? I have 3.5 weeks to go!