Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hello Fresh Review #1

My friend sent me a great Hello Fresh discount code that I could not resist so I put in an order for a weekly box from Hello Fresh. I figured, at the very least, that I would get some creative new meal ideas for the week and take a little work off of the weekly grocery shopping and meal prep.

I loved Hello Fresh right away because it has a variety of options, including gluten-free and vegetarian. I am not vegetarian but I am gluten free due to my autoimmune disease and I know that it can be hard to find these types of plans with options for vegetarian and gluten-free homes.

I chose 4 of their gluten-free options for the week. I want to share my first meal experience today. I cooked the Pork Al Mojo that was a mix of sweet and zesty beans and rice. I LOVED it. It tasted SO healthy and was quick and easy to cook, completing it in about 30 minutes. That's what I need!


Each box comes with a recipe card that has a picture of the meal on the front and the list of ingredients along the bottom.

On the back, you can see the list of instructions. They're all really easy. 

Here's my ingredients all prepped and ready for my pan! How simple is this?!

In progress and the final product. Overall, I was happy with this gluten-free option. You definitely feel like you're eating healthy but it takes so much of the work off of your plate that it makes eating healthy quick, easy and breaks you out of any food prep rut you're in.

Want to get $40 off of Hello Fresh for a week (I'll get $20 too when you sign up). Head on over here to get started!

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - Inspiration Central

In case you haven't seen some of my recent posts, I've been really digging in and cranking out some fun graphic design projects. I've found a lot of creative enjoyment with this hobby. It takes a lot less concentration and thought than designing curriculum but still gives me a sense of satisfaction when I complete a project and enjoyment in the creative process.

Sometimes, I can't quite seem to put my finger on what I want to create but I know that I can't wait to put a new design out there. When this happens, I love visiting for inspiration. I found the most gorgeous bundle on their site today. Here's the bundle cover image from their site.

Click the image to be taken to the bundle on 

After flipping through the images, I had so many ideas for shirts, cards, home decor, etc. that could be created off of this theme. I love everything beachy and everything boho so this was a match made in heaven for my design work.

What I love even more is that the bundles on this site are very affordable. You can get loads of graphics and fonts for under $20 a pop. That means that I can quickly recoup my expenses when I put out new designs. The bundle above is only $18!

Most of my designs are created using fonts and graphics from this site. I recently created a baby shower invitation and had so many files in my Google Drive to pull out exactly what I needed to create the perfect invite for the mom-to-be. Check out the invitation below.

I picked up the fonts used on this invitation at The Hungry JPEG as well. They have an awesome selection of individual fonts and font bundles. I love picking out new script fonts. Although, I really should consider picking out a lot more sans serif fonts to balance out these scrawling beauties. 

Some other items that I've designed using their bundles are up in my Etsy store. Here's a shirt that I created using a variety of products. 

To design this shirt, I used the Islander font available on their site and combined it with an apple graphic that came in a huge graphics bundle. I then layered the apple with a watercolor design from another bundle to create the watercolor apple on the shirt. I loved playing with fonts and colors to create the perfect shirt to represent teachers everywhere. 

Overall, designing has been a really fun process and I wanted to share my creative inspiration source with you guys so that you can find everything you need to start getting creative as well!