Monday, April 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #3 Review

Yes! It is Stitch Fix review time AGAIN! Have I told you how obsessed I am with Stitch Fix?! I seriously LOVE it! Love it, love it, love it!

This month, I feel like I really benefitted off the main purpose of Stitch Fix. For me, I use Stitch Fix because I want to build a unique sense of personal style while also being pushed outside of my style comfort zone and personal boundaries.

This month, I was sent a few things that I NEVER would have picked out. I mean EVER!!

In case you're not familiar with what Stitch Fix is, it's a subscription personal styling service.  You can control how often you get shipments, what the price range of items in your shipment is, and what colors or types of items are sent to you! 

The service costs $20 a month to be styled but the fee is deducted from any items that you decide to keep out of your box.  If you keep all 5 items in your box, you get a 25% discount.  My boxes usually run around $170-$200 to purchase the entire box. I usually just pick a few pieces for under $100.

When you get your box, it's wrapped so nicely!  It includes a gorgeous box with details about what to do next, a letter from your stylist, style cards to help you style your items, and a bag to return anything you're not keeping!

Everything is always so soft and this box was SO visually appealing from the get go. In case you don't know entire closet is made up of natural tones. I have kept a few pieces with color from my past two boxes but closet looks like, navy, cream, blush. I love it that way.

One thing that I really appreciate is the personalized letters from your stylist. I love when I can see that they've taken the time to get to know me and what I'm looking for. There are a few key details in this letter that show me that my stylist was really paying attention! I love how she told me how to style my outfits for my entire summer...not just certain segments. This makes it more relevant to my life. I also love how she suggested styling a piece with something that I kept last time. I want to know what to do with the pieces from my previous fixes! Keep it coming, Sam!

Let's start looking at my items!

Spencer Striped Jersey Dress $54 (Returned)

Stitch Fix review

Stitch Fix Review

I knew that I would love this dress from the second that I saw it on my sneak peek checkout cart! It's just the right style and color scheme! What I didn't plan for was how incredibly flattering the cut and style would be! This is the perfect dress for me. I love how it can be mixed with a sweater, tights, or worn as is!

The only reason that I didn't keep this dress is because I just felt like the price was too high for what I would be getting. In the end, it's just a thin cotton dress and not worth $54 when I can find something pretty similar at Maurices or H&M for around $25-$30. 


Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan - $68 (KEEP)

Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review

This cardigan, sweater is great. I love the weight of the fabric and the way that it drapes. I love the unique style and the asymmetrical zipper. What I don't love is the way that I zipped my hair into it (and I mean ferociously zipped my hair) while I was putting it on. I don't love how long the sleeves are (short people problems). However, mostly I loved it! I had to keep it because I've never seen anything like it. It's also neutral and very easy to style. It'll fit into a capsule wardrobe quite nicely.

                         Stitch Fix Review
First, I styled it with the dress. This was suggested by my stylist and I actually really liked it.

                  Stitch Fix Review
Then, I tried it on with jeans. I wanted to see how it looked as a more casual style while also showing you what it looks like when it's zipped up. It pulls a little weird but I think that I love it.  The neckline is gorgeous.

Emelle Lace Detail Tank - $38 (RETURNED)

Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review

Ok...let me be serious. I hated this tank top. It felt like some weird "Little House on the Prarie" shirt. Plus, it was sheer down the center, requiring me to layer a cami under it. I don't love layering. Plus, it cut upward weirdly on the side. All  Nope. Nope. Nope.

P.S. Ignore the JUMBO bruise on my arm. It's lingering damage from my bike wreck!

Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt - $64 (KEEP)

Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review

When I looked up my sneak peak online, I was like...ugh...why would she send me a sweatshirt. Let me tell you something. I don't know how I've lived without this! The fabric is beautiful. It's so comfortable. The color matches everything in my wardrobe. It's super casual but super cute at the same time. This sweater is heaven.

                      Stitch Fix Review
This is how I pretend to be all casual. :)

Marilyn Mix Striped Maxi Skirt - $58 (Returned)

Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review

I'm on the fence with this one. The fabric is so soft and lovely. It has a heavy drape to it, which I like. I love the navy and white stripes. Those are adorable. I've never thought that maxi skirts were super figure flattering on me. My boyfriend likes it but it just doesn't make me feel like a million bucks so I have to pass.

As always, thanks for reading and sharing in my StitchFix journey!  If you want to try it out, you can use my referral link to sign up!  I'll get a small credit for referring you as well to help me continue to bring you these reviews!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Scoop - April 26, 2015

Have to Do
I haven't replenished any of my protein powders or Quest bars in a long time because I had a really good run on the Whole 30! Lately, I've been missing them! Plus, as the year goes on, I am getting more and more and more tired. A girl just needs a Quest bar every now and then. I'll be placing an order for some more Quest protein powder and some Quest bars today for sure!

I also need to get into the chiropractor next week. As some of you know, I had a major bicycling accident last Sunday. I'm still covered with bruises, cuts, and other unpleasant reminders of my mishap. The impact has definitely been felt in my neck (I already have a neck injury from a car accident when I was 16) and I am well overdue for some chiropractic care. I hope that this can help the pain I've felt since my accident.

Bathrooms...that's about all there is to say!

Hope to Do
Our spring school pictures are on Tuesday. I get my hair touched up Tuesday night. That means, it's going to be grow-out central in my picture. I hope it comes out well!

I also had to reschedule my brow wax because my brow girl woke up with the flu on Sunday. I didn't want to risk catching it and cancelled my appointment.  So my pictures will have overgrown brows and some serious hair grow-out.  Cute.  

Happy to Do
With that being said, who isn't happy to get their roots touched up?! Yay!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Five For Friday - April 24, 2015

Well, this has been quite the interesting week. I'm happy to be here linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for their amazing Five for Friday linky!

We've been so fortunate this year! We have had so many projects get funding on Donors Choose! I've talked about this a few times lately on the blog but's amazing to see what people will help you with!  We got our iPad and the class is loving it!!


We spent our morning on Thursday working on our thank you cards for our donors.  My class is so beautifully creative. I love what they come up with! They had so much fun with it. I just let them run free with their ideas for creating a thank you. I ended up with tons of artwork, letters, and even this cute card below that was cut out into the shape of headphones!

I've been watching everyone do the "I Wish my Teacher Knew" activity lately. I saw the original post on Facebook and I was incredibly moved. I thought that I would try it out with my class.  My best response, by far, was when a student told me that this has been her best year at our school. It warmed my heart.  I need those little moments of confirmation that I am making a difference. Sometimes, I really start to wonder. I uploaded a freebie template to my store that you can print and use in your own class!!

I've also been a major fan of making things fun and rewarding kids lately. We're in the middle of Smarter Balanced testing and they have been working so hard. I say this all the time and I'll say it kids work SO hard! It's amazing to watch how much strength they have and their ability to push through and persevere in tough times. They pick a reward each week and sometimes they pick homework passes and sometimes they pick Kahoot.  Either way, they always pick one or the other. I have some cute homework passes made up! I thought that I would upload these as a freebie as well so that you can use them with your class!

On a personal note, I'm really looking forward to the weekend because I can't wait to post tons of stuff on Mercari! I have been on a major home purge (I do this all the time) and I just need to get rid of stuff! 

Find me on Mercari!

If you want to try Mercari out, here's a code to sign up with a $2 credit!  There are no seller fees and it's super easy to use! I definitely prefer it over Poshmark.

However, if you are strictly a Poshmark person, follow my (less-often updated) closet!

I've also been seeing a ton of selling IG pages lately and I thought that I would give it a try this weekend!  I love some of the sellers that I see on here. I made an IG account for my closet today and you can follow it on IG at MsDsCloset! I'll be updating it this weekend!!

Thanks for reading about my week!  I hope to see you on the link up and connect in the comments!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Scoop - April 19, 2015

The sun is starting to come out here in the Pacific Northwest. I get spring fever and it's pretty bad! It has already been starting. I am usually super, super productive while I'm at work. This week, I've felt like I'm constantly behind in grading and planning. I think it's because that sunshine has me sneaking out a little earlier, staying up a little later (which means I'll sleep a little later) and keeping me a little more distracted! I need to bring my A game back so I can finish out this year strong.

I finally got to break out my new Toms sandals! Hooray for sunshine!

I also want to start biking to work this week. I'm hoping to do a test run today to see how the ride goes. I haven't tested it out yet but it's super sunny lately and it's an easy way to get an extra 6 miles of cardio in throughout the day.

I want to get some more posting ups on Mercari too. I've been very successful with selling on that app lately. The last time that I wrote about getting stuff up on Mercari, I sold about $100 of clothing and household items that week. I love Mercari because there aren't any seller fees. You can try it out and earn a $2 credit if you sign up with my referral code. You can also check out my closet by finding me (myrandasue).

Spring means that it's time to wash off your car! I hope to get right on that this week.  I love my car and I love when it's clean. I also want to call and see about getting a guard on the front of it because I've been noticing a lot of rock chips on the hood and it's making me really, really sad.

This guy clearly understands what it's like to drive a MINI. 

I'm getting pretty low on some of my M•A•C staples and I think that it's time for another trip! 

I'm looking forward to going to visit my brow girl at her new location to get my eyebrows waxed. I hear that the salon is amazing and you'll want to just hangout. Plus, they serve wine. Eyebrow waxing and wine...yes, please! I am looking forward to this.

Now, I must head out to hot yoga so that I can burn off all of this food that I ate yesterday while celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday. We went to an amazing restaurant in Southeast Portland called Screen Door. The food was incredible. Honestly, the best food that I've eaten in the states. The plates were gigantic, the service was awesome and the flavor was so perfect!! I highly recommend checking it out if you live in Portland or you're ever visiting Portland.

Screen Door

Eggs Sardou

Cheese Grits

You haven't truly lived until you've tried this Praline Bacon.

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