Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sun, Moon, Earth NGSS Aligned Flip Book for 5th Grade

I feel like I'm constantly searching for high-quality, NGSS aligned science content for my classroom. We're going to start taking the new NGSS aligned science test next year and I've been (slowly) trying to get myself ready for the change next year.

I have two resources in my store thus far for the NGSS standards. These resources are quite difficult to make because the NGSS standards require significant interpretation and analysis. However, I have finally finished my second product. Along with my energy flow/ecosystems mini book, I now have a sun, moon, earth flip book.

This flip book covers each major topic addressed in NGSS. The bottom part of the flip book contains text on the topic. I love using this as a close read type activity. We work through unknown vocabulary and take notes on our learning as we read. 

The upper flap has visual illustrations of the content. This is helpful for supporting ELD students and struggling readers in understanding the content in the text. 

The end of the book contains response activities for the students to complete. They can all be completed at the end as a form of assessment or they can be completed as you read to aid in comprehension and developing strong constructed responses. All responses are open-ended because I believe that students need ample opportunities to write and explain their thinking. 

I am so excited about this new(er) addition to my store and I can't wait to put out more NGSS aligned flip books for you! I'd love to know what topics you're interested in so feel free to leave them in the comments!


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Quadrilateral Flip Book - Make Math Easy!

I've been obsessing over flip books lately! I've created at least 8 new flip books in the past 2 months and this quadrilateral flip book is one of my favorites. 

The hierarchy of 2D shapes (quadrilaterals specifically) always seem to confuse my students. They're pretty good with understanding characteristics of individual shapes but they have a hard time seeing how they all fit together into a hierarchy of similar attributes.

 I love how this flip book keeps the student focused on the hierarchy of shapes by laying it out sequentially on the flaps. It also helps students as they go through the book because they can understand how the new shape is connected to the shape we learned about on the previous page. 

I have found that this book also helps students keep track of all of their learning in one place. Sometimes they just need something easy to refer to. I love flip books because they're great at keeping everything in one spot for my students, making it more likely that students will review and access their prior learning.

The students love being able to write on the shapes in this book. We measure each shapes sides for practice with rulers. We also measure all of the angles in each shape as an exploration into shape attributes as well as for additional practice with protractors. 

These flip books are really engaging and the students love working in them!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stay Engaged with St. Patrick's Day Math Scoots!

I love, love, love math scoots! In fact, I seriously can't get enough of them. My students are fans as well. My class this year is very movement oriented and they are the best behaved when they have the chance to move around the classroom during lessons. As you can see...scoot games are totally necessary in my room!

I wanted to put together something that helped my students review early math skills, incorporate movement, and spice things up with a fun theme. I came up with some place value scoots with an adorable St. Patrick's Day theme. 

These scoot games are loaded with fun St. Patrick's Day graphics like gold coins, horseshoes, pots of gold, etc. One game covers comparing and ordering decimals. The other game covers rounding decimals. Both of these skills need consistent review in my classroom.

I hope to make a digital version of these as well like I did with my Valentine's Day Scoot activity. Until then, the printables are up and ready to use! I hope you have fun with these in your classroom!

st patricks day activities

st patricks day activities