Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Themed Products to Save Your Sanity

Getting your class on task....and quite the obstacle when the holiday are near! No matter when your winter break begins, I think we can all agree that everyone gets a little bit of the  "short-timer" syndrome right beforehand. Don't worry...I have your back!

I wanted some new, fun activities for my class right before break so I created some new holiday packs. I have a new math and ELA set in my store to accompany my previously created freebies. 

My students have loved these products during the crazy winter holiday season! The ELA pack includes a word search, a color-by-syllable, grammar and quotations practice, etc. The math set has practice with ordering decimals, decimal long-division, color by product, equivalent fraction practice, etc.

I've been so happy with this too because all I have to do is run some copies and go! The answer key is there and everything. 

The screen shots below show some of the fun pages included in these sets!

I hope these help you take some of the stress off and enjoy hanging out with your kids a little bit more.

Find them in my store by clicking the cover images below. 



Saturday, December 17, 2016

Teach & Reinforce Fraction Concepts

subtracting fractions

If there's one thing that I'm confident other 5th grade teachers would agree with, it's that teaching kids to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators is HARD! Then, by the time you get to multiplying and dividing fractions, things are really all mixed up and who knows what's happening...

That's why I created these mini flip books for adding and subtracting fractions. I'm going to add to the set and create them for subtracting mixed numbers (with regrouping) and multiplying and dividing fractions. I wanted something concrete that the students could use to reference the procedure over and over again as well as something that they could take home to practice with the same process we're using at school.

The mini flip books are double sided and print on just a half sheet of paper, making this an awesome paper-saving resource. I have my students glue these into their math workbooks as we learn each part so that it's always there for reference. 

Each flip book contains the major steps for completing the math accurately along with an example. There are practice problems on the back to complete with the teacher once you've finished teaching the process. 

You can find the addition flip book here.
You can find the subtraction flip book here.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Adventures into Clip Art Creation

This summer, I took up a new hobby. I've always been really interested in learning all things Adobe but I didn't have the slightest clue about how to use the programs. I have a subscription to the Adobe suite and it was drastically underutilized. 

After searching high and low for Adobe classes in the area, I stumbled upon a tutoring website called Wyzant. I'm so glad that i found this site because all of the Adobe classes were either online (I am not a digital learner), 100's and 100's of dollars (sorry...teacher budget), or in conflict with my work schedule (who can attend a class at noon on a weekday anyway?). I was so excited to see that there were Adobe tutors in my neighborhood and that I could choose who to work with and the price range that I was willing to pay.

(Want $40 in free tutoring from Wyzant? Click here!)

I've learned so many things since June....where did the last 6 months go?! I create business cards, custom stationery, cards, etc. I'm finally beginning to really learn how to effectively design clip art. This has not been an easy task but I am so in love with graphics and art.

I wanted to share my first mini set with you. I created three images. There are 3 color images and 3 black and white images included in this mini sampler set. All of the images are high-quality, 300 dpi vector images in PNG format and they're super festive and perfect for the season.

I hope to make some new clip art for you soon and I'd love your feedback if you download and use my first set! You can download it for FREE by clicking on the cover image below!!

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