Thursday, December 21, 2017

UPDATED! 23 Boards to Choose From!!

I'm excited to announce that my homework choice boards have received an update! I'm one step closer to completing the set and prepping the editable version! There are now 23 boards which means that I only need to create 13 more to finish out the school year. 

Check it out now before the final version goes live and the price goes up!


Festive Winter Holiday Cookies


What you need:

Ready-made cake or cake mix packet. 
Icing sugar or frosting
White chocolate
Ready-made Christmas themed Icing toppers. 
(Here is a link to Gingerbread Men toppers)
Christmas themed sprinkles


1.To create the cake balls, you will need to prepare some cake mix. You can either use a ready-made cake mix or find use a recipe to create cake from scratch. 

2. Place the cooked cake into a bowl and mash it into breadcrumb size pieces. 


3. Next, add 4 tablespoons of frosting or add icing sugar until the cake balls are able to stick together. 


4. Roll out some balls of cake and place onto a plate. 

5. Melt the white chocolate and dip each cake ball into the chocolate ensuring full coverage.



6. Place the chocolate covered cake balls on a plate and decorate with sprinkles and or icing toppers. 

7. Be sure to place the toppers on the balls before the chocolate begins to set. 


8. Once you have made all the cake balls, place them into a fridge to speed up the setting process. 

9. Enjoy.