Friday, October 2, 2015

5th Grade Math Games - Fraction Race

I'm linking up today for the 2gether We Are Better linkup! I have been trying to get on this linkup for a while but I always miss it. Fortunately, I did a catch Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd on Periscope this afternoon where she was talking about the link up and she mentioned that the topic this month is math games! As you'll notice by my most recently scheduled posts, math games are on my mind a lot lately so this was a totally perfect fit!  I knew that I had to rush home and get linked up for this topic!

I'm sharing a math game with you today that requires very few things and it covers fractions! Who doesn't love fun ways to practice fractions?


Race to simplify fractions in this fast-paced, two-player game! All you need to play is a deck of cards, paper and pencils. Shuffle the cards, and you're ready to get started. You'll work with your partner to create fractions. Find the simplest form first to earn cards and win the game.


  • Deck of playing cards

  • 1 game board (a piece of paper with a horizontal line drawn across the center, to represent a fraction bar)

  • Scratch paper and pencils (optional)

Game Play:

  • Remove all of the face cards from the deck, then shuffle it.

  • Distribute the deck evenly between two players. Players should place their mini-decks face down in front of themselves.

  • Play begins by having the players simultaneously turn over two cards each and place them on the game board

  • Each player should place one card above the fraction bar, to represent the numerator, and one card below the fraction bar, to represent the denominator

  • There should be two cards above and two cards below - four cards total.

  • The first player to correctly simplify the fraction shown by the cards wins all four cards. If a tie results, split the cards evenly.

  • Play continues until one player has accumulated all of the cards or time is up. The player with the most cards wins. 


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