Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Classroom Management - Hand signals

One of my favorite classroom management strategies is using hand signals! I swear by them! I don't even know how I ever managed a classroom without them. I've revamped them and I always seem to change them from year to year. That makes the beginning of my year pretty interesting....staring at a child trying to figure out what in the world they're asking me. Or, calling on someone for an answer when they're holding up the tissue sign.

However, once I have my hand signals down, I feel unstoppable! Seriously, teaching a lesson and someone needs:
  • a tissue
  • the bathroom
  • a drink
  • a new pencil
  • help with their work
I don't ever have to interrupt the flow of what I'm doing to address it. I just keep on going about my business like nothing else is even going on outside of my priceless words of wisdom that I'm imparting upon my eager students. Okay, maybe the last part is an exaggeration but the rest is entirely true!!

So, here are the signals that are up right now. I picked these up on TpT for a very reasonable price. I use freebie signals before but there were always ones that I needed that I couldn't find in the set. Sure, I could've made my own posters but doesn't that defeat the purpose of using such a time-saving device? These ones are perfect and I love the multicultural hands!

So, give it a try if you haven't yet and share your favorite classroom management strategy below!!


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