Monday, October 5, 2015

A Peek at my Classroom...2015-2016 Edition!

I'll admit, this year's classroom isn't too different than last year's classroom but let's take a peek away!!

These amazing mailboxes were such an incredible gift! I received them from Donors Choose and I could not imagine life without them! I needed a huge set because we have big class sizes and this ones holds enough for 36 students!!!! I think I purchased it through Lakeshore.

I used the command hooks to adhere clipboard to the wall any my bathroom passes so that I could utilize the cabinet for hanging space.

This lovely crate is my "absent work" or "extra copies" basket! I store the extra copies in here under the date that the assignment was given!

And here it is sitting on my shelf!!

This is my very non-color coordinated classroom library (part of it)! Hey....Walmart plastic baskets for the WIN!!

Yes. A personalized pillow on my couch. AND...this couch folds out into a sofa. OH. MY. GOSH!

Laptop organization. The struggle is real. This is working for me right now. It's not perfect but it looks pleasing enough to the eye and that's a major issue for me!

YES! Reading group table!

Welcome to my reading focus wall! Haha. This was taken the first week of school so the wall is still SO empty!!

Another section of the library! Yes, my library is NOT the neatest, most beautiful library you've ever seen but it functions. 

Okay, my desk area is a mess. Also, I totally know about the movement to get rid of the teacher desk but I'm just not on that train. I can't board it right now. I just can't.

A shelf for all the things. The plastic drawer on the bottom is for EA's who work with so they can quickly grab their stuff for the day. The chrome books are on the bottom in paper holder trays to keep them upright and tidy! There's a paper tray and a turn in box and the blue baskets hold writing supplies once the students are trained in their use!

This Spiderman lamp is the biggest hit in the room AND, I have also changed out that Scentsy for the August Scentsy special that had all of the colored pencils around it. It's amazing.

This is my own little teaching station in the front of the room.

So there you have it! This is my classroom right now for the current year! Hopefully you saw something that interested you!! 



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