Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Sunday Scoop - October 4, 2015

Welcome back to my latest Sunday edition of The Sunday Scoop! I love the way that this allows to take a look at what's ahead. I can't get enough of this link up!

Have to Do:

I am not usually the "grade at home on the weekend" kind of teacher. I believe wholeheartedly that teachers should not be working harder than our students are and that we are human beings who deserve to live a life that we enjoy too. We deserve to have fun on the weekends, spend time with family and friends, go on day trips or just have a movie marathon day. I am not sure where this philosophy came from that teachers need to work tirelessly every minute of every day, even on the weekends, to be "good" teachers. That's not me. I believe in balance. HOWEVER, with that said, there are times when the grading has REALLY piled up. For that, I make an exception. I could say that it's pretty piled up today.

I have some HUGE TpT files in the works right now. The kind that take a month or more to finish so it looks like you're not working at all because no new products have gone up. Yes, that kind. That's what I'm working on right now. Slowly but surely...

I got a new Rocksbox shipment yesterday and I can't wait to post about it for you! Look for it later today.

Hope to Do:

Yes, I am still working on that darn Journey's post! It's a big one! 

Another post that I really need to get working on is my Bright Ideas Blog Hop post. I am so excited about this one. It's about a math and technology integration lesson. It's great!

Happy to Do:

Relax! Seriously. I worked at the MACnificent Me event yesterday and it was so much fun. I was busy with back-to-back makeup demos ALL day. I LOVE M•A•C events but they're tiring, especially after a long week of teaching. I am SO ready for some R & R today!!

Here's my look from the MACnificent Me event yesterday:

teacher makeup ideas

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  1. Have a relaxing day. I am excited to check back and read your Rocksbox post. I have been hearing about this, but would love to know more.

    Lynnea from Adventures of a Techie Bookworm

  2. What a great photo! I'm on your same page re Balance. A stressed-out teacher is no good for anyone. Have a fantastic Sunday!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you, working all the time is not what makes a "good" teacher. My weekends are for me, unless absolutely necessary!