Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's talk daily schedules!

Teachers....let's talk schedules! What a seriously HOT TOPIC!

Well, perhaps this isn't your hottest topic but it is for a lot of teachers that I know and especially in my area! We have tons of district-mandated minutes to accommodate and it gets tricky sometimes.'s a peek at my daily schedule! I actually am very happy this year with my schedule because I have a huge literacy block in the morning and I feel like I'm able to teach so much stuff during that time because it's uninterrupted.

However, those huge uninterrupted blocks also come with a lot of controversy.

What I do struggle with, however, is the huge math block at the end of the day. Two hours of math is brutal. My brain is just so tired by then. If mine is so tired by then, I can only image how the students' brains feel then.

So, what does your daily schedule look like?


  1. Do your students receive daily instruction in science and social studies or is it integrated into your reading program??

  2. When do you teach Social Studies and Science? Do you have a 25 minute PE every day AND a 10 min recess? A 30 minute lunch is nice too!

    1. It's integrated into our language arts curriculum. We have a 25 minute special that changes daily (2x per week of PE or music, one computer lab, and one library). We do have a 10 min. recess daily.